A new and soothing sound
the sounds of summer
are slowly fading
the jubilant colours
of summer
are toning down
are slowly
fading away
the summer breeze
no longer plays
through fields
but squally storms
torment the trees
deep in the woods
the shadows turn
to gloomy greens
dank decaying air 
seeps from 
the forest floor
but hidden in
the cracks in 
rotting wood
new life appears
new beauty
in soft and glowing colours
and whispering
a soothing sound
The stillness of spring
in dark and silent hibernation
the world is biding time
deep below the surface
of a lake
new life is hiding
and growing
in deepest secrecy
and one day
one still and windless day
like a phoenix it emerges
from the water 
and shines
Invisible but
present all the same
the silence of darkness
is everywhere
it permeates the vastness 
of space
a limitless world
colourless and without sound 
somewhere in the darkness
invisible but
present all the same
is light
full of colour 
and gentle soothing music
and everywhere
the stillness is filled
with this music
invisible as yet
but present all the same
and when this light
brushes softly
the textures of beauty
the music fills the stillness
the world is ablaze  
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