A Picture out of words
I made myself
a picture out of words
I carefully composed it and
I kept it in a frame of glass
but as some pictures do
it changed
became far more than just
the picture that I made
and now
I watch it
shatter the glass
and wander off
to seek its fortune
I pray
the world will treat it

Whispered words 
whispered words
perfuse her
she silences her ear to hear
their meaning
but they evade her
and stay
out of reach
the world 
that once was real 
it melts away 
in shapes and colours 
that she does not recognise 
she has never seen before
her bare feet feel 
the bare ground 
getting warm 
and she starts to tremble 
the bare ground starts to tremble
the sky is dark but pierced 
with starlets of light
the air is moist and misty 
and the whispered words 
now sing 
like a choir of angels

Her garden
she made these phrases walk 
at gentle pace
from time to time 
to watch a word 
run to reach a climax and 
sit down 
but immensely satisfied 
and on their journey
these phrases 
built a little world 
a little garden 
to return to 
and she's been back there 
in every season 
in all kinds of weather 
and sometimes 
she has to roll up her sleeves 
to tend to the garden 
to keep her phrases alive 
the garden is too much overgrown
and she leaves it 
slightly saddened 
but most of the time 
her phrases are there 
in jubilant colours 
to welcome her home

the words 
her friends 
they have listened to her pain 
they're acknowledging her need 
they have fallen silent
but present all the same 
they form a cushion 
to rest her head on 
a blanket 
to keep her warm 
a bed 
so she can sleep 
and all these words 
their meaning 
their feeling 
their love 
they infuse her 
with silence
with a new life

Whimsical words 
tied with invisible strings 
to the very core of her 
pulling and tugging 
but never allowed to escape
these words overwhelm her
they take her on a journey
they take the very core of her
where she has never been before
a world she does not know
a landscape that is alien
and full of wonder
and one by one
these words
pull free
as a cloud around her
they form a sentence
they set her free and
they make perfect sense

Like autumn leaves
lifted up by autumn winds 
words cloud and crowd around us 
in countless fleeting pairings 
which send us fleeting messages 
we cannot hear these messages 
we cannot read them
we can only sense them 
but we know 
our life depends on them

A trail of words
words float all around us
little words and big words
tossing and turning
touching sometimes
and forming little phrases
no one can see these words
most of the time
but something
can open our eyes 
and then we see them
and touch them
and if we're lucky
we will get hold of one
or two
we will mount them
and fly away
trawling a trail of words
in our wake
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