He wished he could walk
with leaps and bounds
as if he is flying
toe-tipping the ground
for yet another bounce
light as a feather and
now and again
his toes hesitate
and the bounce is
more like a hop
more frequently
there is the occasional
sort of
breaks the flow
and the other day
like an anchor
his feet dragged
through the dust
till he ground to a halt
on hands and knees
he’s trying to remember
how to walk

Stop this rain
relentless downpour
washing all the colour
washing all the white
washing still when
all that’s left is grey
sheets and sheets of water
erasing his horizon
blocking out the distance
closing in and
hiding all the beauty
hiding all the dangers
all the threats
and the noise
filling his ears with
nothing recognisable
nothing to focus on
nothing that
allows him some space
to breathe

his face pressed into the ground
his arms shielding his skull
from cracking blows
that may rain down on him
he lies paralysed
flight no longer an option
his muscles no longer tensed
even the trembling has gone
to all the world
he’s sound asleep

Without tears
if he could
he’d let his tears run free
to cleanse his sooted mind
to wash away the thoughts
that are his pain
he’d let his tears
run down her cheeks
so she would know
and she would care
and she would comfort him
but he holds his breath
he bites his lips
his eyes squeezed tight
one invisible droplet
wets the corner of his eye

The blistering sand 
the rays of the sun 
his blistered skin 
his only hope 
walking past the horizon 
and he will 
once his staggering feet are 
strong enough 
to carry him 
for now 
he'll just sleep 
in the desert sand

He hadn’t seen the cracks
he was wrapped in total
absence of light
he was insulated
in a tunnel
painted black with darkness
its one dimensional confines
sensed rather than seen
he had sent his eyes
to scout for the end
for the light
but they returned
without an olive branch
he hadn’t seen the cracks
plodding forward
head to the ground
one thought
one hope
to get to the end
to get to the light
he hadn’t seen the cracks
but all around him
all over the snaking dome
cracks appeared
a random pattern of cracks
and the cracks were leaking
a minimum of light
and suddenly
quite suddenly
the tunnel stopped being
a tunnel
and the dome turned into
a mosaic
in grouting of light
and all around him
with a gentle rustling sound
the mosaic rained down
and a soft new light
took him by the hand and
set him free
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