Three months
three months he'd said
I'll give you three months
was it a gift?
in that time 
in your body
everything will
collapse he'd said
it will be painful
he'd said
but we can help
with drugs
for the pain
but they won't cure you
he'd said
there is no cure
and her world stopped
and turned into a great void
where nobody could follow her
all the places that she knew
had disappeared
all the people that she knew
were distant memories
and she cried
and then she set to visit
all the people that she knew
one more time

Unseeing eyes
he looked at her
with unseeing eyes
her features
beyond recognition
beyond comprehension
he heard her
he heard her sounds
but didn’t hear their meaning
didn’t understand
he meant to ask her but
the noise from his vocal cords
had nothing to do with
what he wanted to say
he looked at her again
with unseeing eyes
and sighed
she looked at him
her eyes clouded with love
and tears
what she saw
and what she remembered
were not the same at all
she spoke to him
upbeat and reassuring
against the odds
but his eyes did not betray
he knew
that she had spoken
she listened to him
but his sounds
did not carry any language
again he looked at her
his eyes clouded with love
and tears
and he sighed
and somehow
his love
and her love
were the same
and she took his hand
and he smiled

his arms around his legs
his chin upon his knees
he stared at clouds on the horizon
precisely where the sun was going down
in reflections of light his life
meandered through his mind
the light
grew lighter and whiter and
the colours faded away
the echoes of his countless conversations
came round and round as in a vortex in slow motion
their meanings but a memory
his lasting love
the love that he had given
the love he had received
warmed his heart until
it was all that he could feel
the beach was still
the sea, the surf was slowing down and
as if it were a mirror the water ceased to move
a bright ray of blood-red light
escaped between the clouds and the horizon
and struck his face
his eyes were closed
his heartbeat was too faint
to be real and
as if he were a sculpture 
he had ceased 
to breathe

She is not there 
weaving in and out of 
a labyrinth of faces 
frantically searching for 
pushing his way 
through throngs of people 
who look like her 
who speak like her 
who act like her but 
who are just perfect strangers 
he begs for help 
but no one hears him 
no one sees his plight 
his legs give in 
they slowly fade away 
until he's kneeling on the ground 
his memory gives in 
and he remembers
he remembers
she is no longer there
and a stillness descends
upon him
and slowly
very slowly
her image fills his heart
her beauty
her joy
her love 
and he remembers
he remembers
she'll always be there

my love
must we face the
cruel agony of parting 
my love
if we have always known
our paths run side by side
for a while
my love
if the day to
say goodbye 
has always been
our destiny
and now you're gone
no drum-roll 
no majestic moment
just a shimmer of a smile
and now 
my love
you're gone
and your legacy feels
like a void
like I am left alone
and nothing can replace you
but slowly
my love
that void is being filled
with memories
with happiness
and I know
you've never left

one single leaf 
is all 
that she has left 
its skin 
a flaming red and gold 
jubilant memory of 
its voice 
a fragile whisper 
remaining trace 
of a rustling dance
in the breeze 
this single leaf 
is resting 
without weight 
on the palm of her hand 
she coops her hands 
protects it from the wind 
and she listens 
she listens till 
the whispering voice has 
faded into silence 
she opens her hands and
the gold has disappeared 
the leaf has ceased to exist
and dust is all that's left
as if presenting an offering 
she raises her hands to her mouth 
and blows
and gradually 
the memory of
the jubilant summer
fills her heart

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