unhindered by thoughts that
disturb her
she dreams the waves away
the waves that carry her
miles above the bottom of the sea
there is no boat
there is just her and water
extending to the infinite horizon
a perfect circle in the perfect sun

Frozen in time
the wind has stopped
the air is still
there is
not a single sound
the sun
on its way down
at the end of a
long hot day
has stalled
behind some scattered clouds
clouds that no longer 
the fields
the trees
are frozen in time
all wildlife
is in hiding
no one knows
what's happened
no one

Slowing down
he walked
his mind was not at rest
and he walked without awareness
he walked as if
the world did not exist
he walked through a wood
the trees were tall and dark
and he walked without awareness
he walked as if
the trees did not exist
the trees were tall and dark but
they did not pose a threat
and everywhere
a soft glow infused the trees
painting them with light and
lifting their darkness
he walked
more slowly now
his eyes still closed
but faintly 
as if from far away
he heard
the soothing whisper of the trees
and he opened his eyes
and he saw the trees 
painted with light
and they
surrounded him with calm
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