These pages contain collections of free verse poetry that form a celebration of the power of words to evoke emotions and stimulate the imagination. Eight of these collections correspond to chapters in my book A Trail of Words. They focus on different aspects of human experience. The first two: The Wonder of Words and Sounds, Colours, Music are about my notion that words are synesthetic living creatures that can come together to form poetry. In the next collection, The Spirit Within, I explore various means of creative expression while Loss and He hasn’t seen the cracks deal with traumatic experiences but attempt to show the light at the end of the tunnel. A lighter tone is set in We can be free and Ephemeral  before the final collection Smiles hopefully does what it says on the tin and puts a smile on your face.
A Trail of Words is available on Amazon worldwide in Hardcover and Paperback. Head over to my Author Page here
Te remaining collections in this page, so far, don’t have anything specific that  links them together. But in The Appearance of Beauty and Slowing Down I maker a connection with my photography and the poems each have an accompanying photograph. 
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