A crystal globe
he's carrying 
a shiny crystal globe
it's precious
it's fragile
and he treads with
searching feet
a narrow winding path
the globe was feather light
its sparkling surface lifting
all its weight
to carry it felt like
it carried him
but when he sensed the loss
if he would break it
it took on weight
a groaning weight
he's cradling
a heavy crystal globe
he hardly dares to move
he slowly bends his knees
and gently rests it
on the ground
where it shatters
liberated now
he stands and walks

A tiny volcanic eruption 
our core is
like magma 
wrapped in a crust
in layer upon layer of words
words to protect
words to conceal
words to imprison
some of these words
are our words
some of these words
were spoken for us
as a gift
but most of these words
were already there
and are the same
for everyone 
and so this is our world
looking familiar
from the outside
but once in a while
some friendly little words
break rank
and they form a little phrase
form a little poem
and they sparkle
like a tiny volcanic eruption
that escapes

The surf sings
a chilling 
spine shivering silence
covers all sounds 
like frost
unable to hear where he is
he strains his eyes
he tries to see
but there is mist
unable to see where he is
he stretches out his hands
hoping to touch
something, someone
but there is nothing
nothing at all
carefully placing his feet
he starts to walk
he walks on sand
he wades through silent surf
and suddenly
looking up into the sky
he hears the lone cry
of a lone bird
and he stops
and the mist lifts
the early sun 
shimmers on the sand
and the surf
resumes her song

The silence of a single sound
engulfed by
the silence of a single sound
a fleeting tune
flowing from a single
crystal flute
she dreams
the low notes breathe
and warm her heart
the highs
like little shards of light
lift up her soul
and her dream carries her
where she has never been before

Until she flies
one foot firmly planted
on the ground 
one leg poised for a step 
her toe touches 
where she will stand 
and she moves 
one leg reaching 
where she wants to be 
her foot rolling off its balance 
she tumbles forward
and arrives 
again she tumbles
she staggers 
nearly stumbles
and step by step
a rhythm emerges 
and she walks 
and she walks 
and the rhythm takes hold
and the rhythm turns to music 
music to hum to 
music to dance to 
and she sings
her feet now 
hardly touch the ground 
each tap of her toe 
sends her floating 
higher and 
until she flies

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