it is a calm wave
a small rise in
the level of the sea
it travels
at a gentle pace
towards a beach
where it covers the sand
and disappears 
without a sound
as if by magic
a small bird
its slender beak 
poking around
for food
its feet leave a trail
sharp imprints in the sand
the trail is washed away
without a sound

the light was dim
a soft and silky glow 
of light
from every direction
the space was small
no edges no corners
just a shell
a smooth and silky shell
the world outside 
did not exist
its sounds obscured by silence
the little light
the close confines
the silence
a solitary life inside
was all she knew
until one day
she broke the shell
she blinked at the light
and stepped out into the world

The briefest of moments
high against the blue of the sky
like a drone without a sound
a bird of prey 
eyes like a laser
a wide expanse of shimmering gold
on minute movements of air
a ripening field
a slowly dancing pattern of waves
carried on strong straight stems
the crop
a canopy
a shelter
and underneath
in the dim shimmering light
but for the briefest of moments
a face appears
of a mouse

​​​​​​​A dance of lapping waves
she was aware of
vague slow rhythmic sounds
as if of lapping waves
but there wasn't any water
a tiny gentle voice
whispering at first but
gradually growing into song
joined in
in perfect rhythmic harmony
and the song embraced her
and the song took her
by the hand
and the song led her 
into dance
a dance of slow
lapping waves
and she danced and
felt the water rise
until she swam

Like a cloud
he closed his eyes
he closed his ears
shut down all his senses
until he floated in the sky
like a cloud
at first
he felt heavy and burdened
he cast a dark and gloomy shadow
on the ground
and out of sheer sadness
he started to rain
but they were only gentle droplets
of rain
welcome and refreshing and
soon he felt lighter and brighter
and he rose a bit closer to the sun
and as he rose
his edges started to fray
his fluffiness melted away
and he spread into
a hazy veil
he opened his eyes but
could only see light
he carefully listened
to silence
and a sense of freedom
engulfed him
while he slowly

The silent sound of rain
the stillness was absolute
a silence as if sound 
had not yet been created
an ancient tree stood motionless
not one branch swayed
not one leaf moved
a subtle sound emerged
like a little stream trickling 
through an upland meadow
and the leaves stirred
and the sound swelled 
as if the tree was breathing
and the branches swayed
there was movement in the sound
no notes
no rhythm
but full of music
and the tree sang
a slow and steady crescendo
louder and louder
made the music turn to noise 
and the tree groaned
the clouds turned black
until it was night
and the deafening noise raged on
and the tree howled
but then the heavens opened
and as if by magic
the noise gave way 
to the silent sound of rain

A gentle little autumn shower
a flock of friendly little clouds
each carrying a minimum of rain
basked in early morning light
and scattered it around
a breeze
a whisper really
tickled the leaves
on the trees
gold-glowing leaves
in the gold morning light
a single leaf took leave
of its tree
it leisurely drifted down on the breeze
till it came to rest 
in rippling rings of water
a barely visible blanket of mist
rose from the lake
shrouding the golden leaf
and its rippling reflection
and one by one
friendly little droplets of rain
added countless silent rippling rings
to the misty surface
of the lake

A shadow that no one can see
a shimmering summer sky
at the centre the sun
warmed the woodland with light
meandering eddies of air
tickled the leaves on the trees and
stirred them into sound
stirred them into music
the leaves began to dance
and the shadow of the leaves
joined their dance
as if the music was their own
and they danced till
the sun hugged the horizon
and slowly disappeared
the light faded into darkness
the breeze died down and
the motion of the leaves was stillness
but into the night
the shadow of the leaves still danced
a dance that no one could see

Start again
he was lying flat on the forest floor
eyes closed and dreaming
he listened 
to the breathing branches of the trees
they sounded like the sea
a hazy sun poured through the canopy
dappling a dance of light
on his face
from high above
a tiny spider abseiled
to the forest floor
her silk like 
silver splashes of light
when she landed
he flicked his hand
across his face
the spider sighed
and climbed back up the tree
to start again
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