When people see my abstract images their first question often is “How do you do this?”. It’s not an easy question to answer but on this page I will try to give you some idea. 
My process to create digital abstracts relies on combining my knowledge of mathematics with my skills in digital image processing. Initially, I used to start with a digital photograph and I coined the term “re-imagined photograph” for the resulting image.  Recently however, I have also started using very simple digital ‘sketches’ for the basis of my pictures. No matter what the starting point, the essence of my process is to subject the image to extensive manipulation in image processing software. This often includes far-reaching changes to the shapes and colours of the image. 
My processing workflow can best be described as a journey of discovery. While experimenting with a variety of techniques I set off to explore new shapes and textures, until I arrive at an exciting geometry. Further fine tuning and adjustments to tonal values and the colour palette of the image then takes me to the final result presenting the viewer with a new reality which they are free to explore with their own imagination. 

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